Billy Joel Mega Fan! Wants to connect with billy joel VIA online and talk about music

Hey billy. I'm a mega fan of your music. have all the albums. Listen to them all the time. Your music has not only been insperational. but it has made me want to write songs of my own. And i'd love to sit down and chat with you sometime over zoom. Just about music, And i'd love to talk about your albums, and talk about some of my ideas, and just talk about music. I am also like billy, a working class young man from northern wisconsin. I think we will get along well.


  • eltonbillyeltonbilly Posts: 1
    You should write "We Didn't Start The Fire" PT. 2. At this point in time, we all need change. Pick up where you left off and continue the song to present the events of today. Hopefully America will get the idea. May God bless us all
  • GrazzaGrazza Posts: 1
    Hi, I came onto this site in the hope of making the suggestion that a "We Didn't Start The Fire" PT. 2 would be a great verse considering the times we are in now compared to where they were when you left off. It's refreshing to see that @eltonbilly suggested the same thing! Let's get the theme going all, it would be a great tune! Please see that Billy Joel gets this message!!!
  • bahtiyah18bahtiyah18 Posts: 1
    I can't tell you how much your voice, piano, bandmates, and passion make me feel. I am incredibly inspired by you eternally. I was born in 1974 and had a crappy childhood, but whenever my dad would pick us up, I'd hear your tunes that were big hits at that time and it saved me, literally as a small girl around 1978. I am both a public school teacher and a singer/songwriter. I want to talk with you so badly, it's ridiculous. I"m attaching a song I wrote for the Legendary Garry Shandling who passed away in 2016. I feel this song is very much in your style.
    (Ode To Garry)

    Here is an ed rap I wrote and sang on to empower our youth. It's entitled "Si Se Puede" You can do it! My students just love it and sing it before big exams1

    Here is a song I wrote to help the American Wild Mustang Stay free "Ride With the Mustang"

    Thanks for what you have contributed to our world, I love how much your remind us of our humanity through out your music! You are like a music philosopher!
    Stay well!
    Suzie Shiaman
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