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Online, the "fan mail" address for Billy Joel is 34 Audrey Ave #5, Oyster Bay, NY 11771 (some place named Maritime Music Inc.). A couple years back I sent a first pressing of Piano Man in my naïveté, hoping I'd get a signed copy back. Now, I am pretty sure that address is bullshit, but is there anyone else who did the same thing and actually got a reply? And whoever manages Billy Joel's site and social medias, if you could give me some confirmation one way or another that would be awesome.


  • 9/9/20 I mailed a Birthday card in a blue envelope to Billy Joel with a letter inside!!! During Covid 19 I watch a few Talk shows, The View, The Talk. Not realizing one of the show's was previously recorded, heard them say it was Billy Joel's birthday.9/9/20. Now know his birthday is in May!! My bad!! Also forgot to enclose a a stamped envelope!! Please forgive and still respond!! PLEASE!!! [email protected]
    HUGE FAN many yrs.!! Thank You! ✌
  • kalmjl17kalmjl17 Posts: 1
    Hello, my husband is your number one fan. He went to your concerts back in the day and would've taken me had we had the chance and money to do so. But, cancer took him early in his life. He died in my arms and I played, "Piano Man" as he took his final breath. I love your songs as well. I see that you will be in South Bend, IN in June. I'm originally from NW Indiana myself. I would love to go to that concert if I could. I work a lot of OT to make up lost income. My husband was an AF intel veteran. I hope you see this and respond. I am not BS you and hope you see this. Thank you. Huge widow fan.
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