Goodnight Saigon video

Hello, I'm new to this forum. Although I like the music of Billy Joel. I'm not much of a fan-fan, just a regular listener of his music.

I am an arts and culture teacher in Holland. This year, I'll be starting my lessons about massculture with an assignment about 'We didn't start the fire'. It reflects so good to the cultural changes in the period 1950-1989, the period I will be teaching the next six weeks or so. The song resonated all summer through my brain, maybe because I am, like so many others, been watching old movies and listening music from my younger years because of the pandamic and lockdown. I'm pleased with the assignment I made but there is something missing. I want to extend the assignment to the Vietnam war using the video of 'Goodnight Saigon' and that is where my problems start. I can't find the videoclip on the internet. There is a 'official video', but thats Billy behind a piano with a slideshow of photo's. I recollect from my memory a music video which I saw on television with boys playing with toy guns and helicopters. At the end of the song (with the sound of helicopters in the background) they put all their war-stuff in a box and leave. My parents hated this video (because of the war toys which I was not allowed to play with). I never understood why they could't see the anti-war message and unfortunately I can never ask them again. But so it goes. Never seen this video again. Pre-VCR era. Searching the internet, it seems like it has been erased from exitence and replaced with the so-called official video on youtube. Wikipedia does'n give any clues about the video (strange, if you ask me), whatever language I choose. Am I wrong? Is it banned? Can anyone clear this up for me? If I'm right, does anyone have this video for me?


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