Uptown Girl

I grew up on listening to Billy Joel and particularly remember watching the video 'Uptown Girl' on MTV thinking it was so creatively done and of course Billy's phenomenal voice. I now live in Hong Kong where I have been for many years and have been recently subjected by a horrendous rendition of Uptown Girl being sang by a tone deaf cantopop singer and replayed constantly each time you visit a supermarket chain advertising a product called 'YUU'. Perhaps this chain called 'Wellcome' has obtained permission from Billy to use (read 'destroy') his iconic song making it legal. On the other hand, this being part of China where copyright infringement is rampant, there is a possibility that Billy and his legal team have not granted permission. In any event I feel the need to raise this as an issue if for no other reason than this great song being destroyed by a no talent/supposed singing artist of some repute in Hong Kong.
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