Hi Billy Joel. Are you aware that if we bought tickets for your show in Boston which is now rescheduled for one year latter you can not get a refund? Even if you live across the country! So if someone were to be in Boston this year but have no such plans for next year they seem to be out of luck. I am sorry your production needs this money so badly. Maybe you should start some crowdfunding. Not cool at all.


  • You are right
    Musicians got paid
    Billy got paid
    My BB concert was rescheduled in September probably won’t happen
    Then what
    No refund anyway this sucks and unethical
    Milk the cow when you can billy
  • trillian6trillian6 Posts: 7
    sorry for your experience, I doubt Billy launched the Corona Virus, which I
    m assuming iswhy the concert was cancelled, and I believe it's the promoter who has your money, not Billy!
  • trillian6trillian6 Posts: 7
    I've noticed that severL artists havw put out books of lyrics with the stories behind the songs including Dylan, Queen, and someone else I'm blanking on I would love to see one of these from Billy! anyone else?
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    My April concert was rescheduled to October which I cannot attend. When I go to the TicketMaster site, I'm told the tickets are not refundable. Crap. So disappointed and shocked about this policy. Tickets are not cheap and will all know this is going to get rescheduled to 2021. Please do the right thing! The insurance I purchased does not appear to cover this type of issue. Double bonus.

    Step up and do the right thing.

    I have a LIFE long Billy Joel fan, so missing this concert sucks.
    Ticketmaster DOES provide FULL refunds for the first 30 days after a show reschedule announcement has been made. If you bought from a reseller like $tubHub then you have to reach out to them (they have your money). Since you seem to have missed the 30 day refund window, you can probably have a another window of opportunity soon. It is highly unlikely (99.999%) that the Sept and Oct concerts will occur. That being said, keep checking your emails or Ticketmaster site for new rescheduled dates then get your refund.

    And for the Boston guy that wants to get rid of his tickets, you should have no problem selling them for face value. So stop the whining.
  • Needone2goNeedone2go Posts: 3
    I am experiencing the same issue with ticketmaster in NY. I am almost 90 days into my refund request. They tell us MSG has the money and we just have to be held hostage. I do not care who or what this issues is caused by. I bought a ticket to see Billy Joel, if he knows how we are being treated and he does nothing about it then shame on him.
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