Wedding Anniversary

rickwgrickwg Posts: 1
I was wondering if anyone may be able to help me by pointing me in the right direction.
9/9/1995 was the day that I married the most wonderful person I know, every day I count my blessing that she saw something in me that she found appealing and worth the chance.
Kerry has stood by me through good times and bad and has been the perfect mother to my two sons.
Now its my turn, This Covid-19 lock down has meant the Kerry can no longer visit her father who lives alone since having to home his wife 50 years due to Alzheimer . Her Mum is so much worse that ever these days and is having constant falls and Kerry is helpless to be by their side and fears the worst is not far away and she can never be there.
Due to this virus there is nothing we can do, my hope is here that next month is our anniversary and I am trying to find something to lift her spirits.
What I was hoping was some information that may lead to a signed music sheet of ' Just the way you are' this being our wedding song.
I am sorry to ask but at this stage I would do what ever it takes to put the smile back on her face and give her some relief from our troubles even for just a short time.
Thank you all for indulging me, I feel pretty stupid writing to strangers that have zero connection to me but she is my wife, the woman i would die for, the one person that deserves every thing I can possibly give her.


  • trillian6trillian6 Posts: 7
    please don't feel stupid each of us has aBJ song we feel this way about, or several, in my case, and it's a very sweet request, I hope it works our for you!
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