NYC September 26 Concert

MJBMJB Posts: 2
Is the concert scheduled for the 26th September proceeding or will it be deferred?


  • I bet not happening
    How can they manage 20000 people with social distancing
  • MJBMJB Posts: 2
    That is what i would have thought would be the issue. We have tickets but live in Australia and our borders are closed and can not travel. Really hoping the concert is deferred and we can travel at a later date.
  • I am in California and you have to be quarantine to go to ny
    Not going
  • The worst it is that these Cowards do not have the gut to let us know the concerts will be cancelled until next year
    They want to hang to the money this is a shame
    I am smart enough to know it won’t happen and I cannot get my money back
    Billy Joel is a big disappointment and a weak man
  • lolololo Posts: 3
    I was coming from France so I am loosing my airplane ticket my ticket at MSG 700 more us Plus 2000€ airplane ticket
    No news
    That is a Shame on you Billy Joel
    You are stolen money from people
    Go to hell
  • ricosuavericosuave Posts: 1
    The Piano Man album I bought when I was 14 years old is still in pristine shape despite playing it constantly for years. I’ve been looking forward to the Sept 26th concert for months because I’ve never seen him live. These tickets were a anniversary gift from my wife along with the 4-day mini vacay to NYC. As much as I love Billy Joel’s music, we’re not going through a 14 day quarantine just to see a show where we're exposed to thousands of people around us. The hotel, car rental agency and airline were gracious and understanding enough of the COVID situation to allow us to cancel any and all reservations without any pushback or hassle. I understand business and realize cancelling a show is a huge loss for Billy, promoters, vendors and MSG. However, ticket purchasers are the reason these companies and people are business. I’ve had two other Out-of-state concerts cancelled or rescheduled during the epidemic and both artist did so several months in advance. Ticketmaster, MSG and Billy Joel have made no effort to keep ticket holders informed about their intentions to continue or cancel the show. It is poor business ethic and morally irresponsible to keep your CUSTOMERS in the dark and hanging in limbo about this matter. Get your shit together and do the right thing by cancelling the show immediately and provide ticket holders the choice for a refund or tickets to a rescheduled show in the city of their choice!!
  • ddbyronddbyron Posts: 1
    I totally agree!! It's not necessarily Billy Joel's fault, but rather the management/promoters. But come on people!! At this point in time, with restrictions on travel and mandated quarantining in NYC if you visit from certain states, it is IMPOSSIBLE to continue on and keep this September show on the books!! Everyone else performing at MSG has pretty much postponed or cancelled until next year. Let's get with it, folks!! People need to be able to either be assured that they will be able to use the tickets to attend another show next year or get their money back. Travel plans to attend these types of shows are not just spur of the moment. We pick the shows we want to come to because we are able to travel at those times. We need a little notice. It's almost September. CANCEL the damn show already!
  • Agreed, we have tickets for the October show (formerly April) but if we had September we would really need to book flights and hotel soon.

    Does MSG, Ticketmaster or Billy Joel see the current situation changing so dramatically over the next 3 weeks to open the doors to 20,000 people? Broadway is closed till 2021,

    I agree that the right thing to do is to cancel the shows, he isn't going to have a problem selling out when things get back to some sense of normalcy.
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