You should begin to cancel vs. reschedule concerts. Our funds are being held hostage by the promoters due to the reschedule vs. cancelation game. These funds can be important to many folks in these times and the actions of those connected with the management of the funds should be fired or their priority management needs to be looked into..
We can not received a refund for an April show that tickets were purchased in December of 2019!!!!! Because concert was rescheduled to October. What happens when it is rescheduled to January??? Do you really think these concerts will be possible Broadway has already been shut down till 2021.

Guessing you have seen the lights on Broadway and they are all dark!


  • I agree
    You cannot resale it either because nobody buys them now
    They should be more transparent and it is obvious a 20000 people venue will never happen this year
    They are going to reschedule again for next year
    I am rescheduled from March 2020 to September 2020 and I am pretty sure that won’t happen and if they reschedule again that tell you they are greedy
    All of our money had been used to pay the venue never used and billy and his musicians
    I will be very disappointed in billy ethics if that happens
  • Becki2020Becki2020 Posts: 1
    The concert in Detroit was rescheduled for next year NOT canceled. I bought the insurance was denied because not canceled. Paid 600 dollars for these tickets for a concert I knew I could attend before all this but now..... Then I see all kinds of free concerts on the streets of New York for morale come down to the Detroit River for a concert. I did everything right planned a vacation day at work ( Im an essential worker), paid for tickets, stood in line, buy insurance and here I am out 600 dollars.
  • Join the unfortunate club
    Mine rescheduled this September won’t happen for sure
  • PT23PT23 Posts: 3
    It is sad that the promoter has not chosen to refund money at this point. Ticket resellers are hiding behind the semantics of the May NY concert being 'rescheduled' versus the reality that the concert was cancelled. With Covid-19 raging across the USA it is highly unlikely that such mass gatherings will be allowed to occur any time in the near future and if they do who will want to go. So it appears that we are left with worthless tickets.
    Que sera sera
  • Exactly plus I live in California and I cannot afford to quarantine if still in effect
    They are not ethical to let us hanging
    We all know none of the concerts schedules later this year will happen
    So just face the music and tell us the truth
    But they do not want because they want to keep their money so everybody get paid and I am loosing my plane ticket 😡
  • jenncurtisjenncurtis Posts: 1
    We really need these concerts cancelled like many other artists and bands Have done. These other artists understand the fans complaints and hard times during covid. Postponing these concerts helps no one but is instead causing stress to all fans who may not be able to make the new dates a year from now and cannot sell the tickets. This is shameful!! Please be considerate of your fans
  • emd563emd563 Posts: 2
    I have tickets for the postponed March 2020 concert. I purchased them in Nov 2019 to take a good friend to celebrate her 80th birthday--she's a big fan & she's never seen you in concert. Back in March I was so glad the concert was postponed because I knew she could never safely be in a large crowd back then (nor could I) & hoped when the concert was rescheduled that things would be safer by September. But they really aren't safe enough to have 20K+ people on top of each other at MSG, and the thought of losing hundreds of dollars is a very difficult one. Please, Billy, either cancel the September 26th concert so that we can get a refund & purchase tickets for a 2021 concert or postpone it until deep into 2021. That's the only way most of us might possibly be able to come see you. And trust me--my now 81 yo friend Maura & I really really DO want to rock out the night with you--when it is safe. Thanks.
  • babsbabs Posts: 1
    Please consider canceling your concerts through the end of the year. The thought of going to a concert at this times is very scary. It would be a health risk to everyone there. I believe things will be worse in the fall. We were so excited when we purchased these tickets, and now the thought of deciding to go to the concert or losing our hard earned money is just the cause of more stress. Thank you.
  • I completely agree with many of the comments.. Come on Billy Joel, “Come on Man.” Who’s benefiting from all moneys interest??? I suspect that it’s probably to your company’s benefit and earning while the fans take the loss. I’m not a rich person by any means. Working extra hours I purchased 4 tickets and 2 for my elderly parents super fans who are now terrified to go to NYC. I have inquired several times for refund with no prevail. At these times I and we really need our money back. $1550 what I paid for these tickets. We the fans could really use this money for many living requirements. Food bills etc!!
    BILLY JOEL SET US FREE!! Give us our money back we your fans typically working class citizens need our invested money. PLEASE PLEASE JUST CANCEL!! Your true fans will come back to you when the world is right again.
  • ayaaya Posts: 1
    Dear billy, my dream was to see your concert. We were suppose to arrive to the usa on my sons bar mitzva on april. You cant even start imagining how happy i was to find out that you are performing on the time were suppose tobe there. Unfortunatly, covid 19 hit us all. We tried to ask for refund, but you rescedualed, so no refund. We live in israel, there is no chance that we will travel on october. This money was saved for many years, and wecant loose it. Please refund our money, we need it for our daily surviver, we naad this money.
  • Needone2goNeedone2go Posts: 3
    I have the same issue in NY with MSG and ticketmaster. Where is Billy Joel? Why has he not straightened this out. It must be nice to just sit back and not care about the people who made you what you are. Disgusted.
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