The measure of a man

I logged on here just to add this little missive. I have wished for a number of years that I could see the man face to face just to tell him how I feel. But it is important enough that I at least want it out there and maybe Billy will possibly see it. Please forgive if my rambling seems a little disjointed. It's sometimes hard to express the true nature of an emotion with mere words. But I'll try.

I was a teen of the 80's and absorbed much of the popular culture of that time. I came to know Billy's music by just a few notes. And in my opinion every generation has their version of Camelot. In the 60's Elvis and Prescilla were it. And though across the pond everyone was enthralled with another kind of royalty, for me Uptown Girl nailed it. And seeing Billy win over Christy was the pinnacle of romantic harmony. Now don't get me wrong. I fully realize what happened. I've read a lot of the stories and heard some of the interviews. Sometimes the fairytale falls prey to real life. OK, So? Their marriage wasn't meant to last. But for a brief moment in time, the world was beautiful. Hey, but at least it also gave us Alexa.

But anyway, reason I'm writing this and my true admiration of the man is not for his talent (which is immense) or for a single note he tapped out on the keyboard. No. He is an inspiration to me, personally, for how he handled real life. It was a disappointment to see Christy get remarried. And yes she did have two more lovely kids as a result. But it broke my heart having to watch as she kept her poise and class as she had to walk the gauntlet of papparazzi while she had to walk into that court and air the dirt laundry of a truly sad marriage. I admired here for her strength in keeping it together and getting through that. But it would be many years later when I read more of the details about that episode I found out how far Billy actually went. To read how he was there for his ex-wife, Christy, someone many of us (I especially) adore, was extraordinary. I read how he not only was there as emotional support but went so far as to have her stay at his home while she dealt with the grief and hassle of the court and it floored me. In this day and age of mega-celebrity marriages that erupt, fizzle and fade, or turn into a bitter media circus, it was incredible to see the man I admired for his music, the king of the keyboard, to me, show such compassion and caring for a former partner...I was speechless.

And when I say the man was an inspiration, I'm not just writing hollow words. I was in a relationship with a lovely young woman that brought about our beautiful daughter. And our split wasn't the most pleasant thing. But when I got divorced for the second time, I read about how he was there for Christy. It prompted me to pick up the phone and call my daughter's mother, who I hadn't talked to in a few years. And when I heard how her life had taken a bad turn I offered a hand in friendship to help her get out of a bad situation. Well turns out, after many 6+ hour late-night phone conversations, and a healthy dose of honest soul searching I offered for her to come and stay with me, on a temporary basis at least. Well turns out, I was able to put his words to good use and "told her about" how I still cared. And a year later we finally tied the knot. We've been married now, over 11 years.

So what is the measure of the man? When he is able to look past the pain of the past and offer kindness and friendship and caring to someone who needs it most makes him a king in my book. For him to be a safe haven for his ex-wife when she is down, and help put that wonderful smile back on her face puts him in a class all his own. So I want to say, not for the entertainment, not for the music that filled my car stereo for countless nights, But for what you did for Christy, and for restoring my faith in believing that sometimes good guys DO win, I want to say Thank You!

Again, I apologize if this doesn't adequately express the depth of my admiration for the man. I know it's not a "guy" thing but if I had the chance I would just give the man a hug.
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