12 year old looking for Billy Joel

Hi Billy Joel,

I am 12 years old and I know about every one of your songs. I am extremely into Jazz and Classical Music. But, your type of music is the only other kind of music I like. It brings me into a whole different world listening to you. I can also play all of your songs on the piano because I have perfect pitch. Also, I know what you're thinking, he's just 12, he doesn't know much about music. But, music is the only thing I am good at, so I practice it. But, I probably listen to Jazz 3 times that amount.

I am in the music world because I have a passion for what I play. I have met and worked with world renowned musicians. My band won the Mingus Competition! And I got a solo award. That means that I got to play with the Mingus Big Band at the Jazz Standard. I actually sent you that link. Also, I am in a Jazz Program with Christian McBride. Finally, I really hope this letter gets to you because you're one of my favorite legends of all time! It would mean the world to me for you to get this letter. I think your Piano Playing is amazing!

Here are some links of me that you might want to see:

Ben Collins-Siegel

P.S. The 3rd link I sent is really long. You might want to skip to 5:40 in the video. The second link is the one at the Jazz Standard, and the first got posted on Oscar Peterson's Facebook Page.
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