Spreading love for Billy Joel's music during Iso 2020

I have been a lifelong fan of Billy Joel ever since I was 9 and my oldest brother brought home the cassette tape of his Greatest Hits in 1985. I have never had a formal piano lesson and am blessed with a great ear and can playback songs if i work at it and they inspire me.

Ever since my lay off on March 16, I began posting videos of songs I would learn and play at home, but my favorite is and has always been Billy. I wanted him to know that I, and many of his legions of fans around the world have always looked to his music for comfort, support and a message beyond the 'pop surreal' and surface. He is a complex man of many talents, gifts, strengths, and also as we have seen in the public microscope, flaws. But he does not hide from them, and confronts life head on in his music. If I can in my own small way pass on his message in song to my friends who do not know him in this dark hour of Self Isolation and Global Fear, I look past my insecurities and try and connect to everyone in the most sincere way I know how, through my love of the sincerest of all artists. Billy Joel.

This is not an overture for attention, but an homage and message of respect from one of his many great fans.
Continue making music in whatever form or format you wish Mr. Joel, because in the end....

... It's All About Soul.

-Your Lifelong Fan,

Rob Chan.

P.S. These are the Facebook posts of my covers of Billy's songs I have shared with my friends during the time of COVID-19:





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