Legacy Releases?? Where are They??

Since Sony put out a newsletter about 10 or so years ago stating they'd be delving into Billy's back catalog and putting together Legacy issues of his back catalog we've gotten TWO releases....Kohuept and Piano Man - two odd choices IMO. What are they waiting for? Turnstlies, 52nd St., Glass Houses, An Innocent Man, The Nylon Curtain and Songs In The Attic are all naturals for a Legacy reissue....there's plenty of concerts out there that can fill the DVD/Blu Ray end of those releases too......Live From Long Island(The Nylon Curtain), BBC 1984 show from London ( An Innocent Man), Houston 79 (52nd St or Glass Houses), Billy Joel Tonight released by Time/Warner 1976 (Turnstiles). the numerous black and white professionally shot live videos that can be found on youtube from the Glass Houses tour, possibly from the Sparks club in NY (Songs In The Attic) So what is the hold up?

And Why exactly is Live From Long Island...probably Billy's best official live release never been given a Blu Ray or even DVD release?? it's long overdue for many of these....First I'd like to see Songs In The Attic, an album that has grown over the years as an underrated classic among fans, given an expanded edition including an extra disc of songs (Travelin prayer, Ain't No crime, Weekend Song etc.etc) and a DVD/BluRay of the videos (or whole concert if available) that I mentioned above. Let's get on it!!


  • keenanc15keenanc15 Posts: 1
    Tweeter's post in on point. Can't think of a more important and popular Legacy artist than Billy. Would enjoy seeing the whole LFLI concert and think Songs in the Attic would be a perfect opportunity to deliver a deluxe version. A DVD of 12 Gardens Live would also be fun.
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