My FB post on my evening walk honoring Billy Joel

Another beautiful evening for a walk. As I ventured out with the 'Piano Man' Mr. Joel on my headphones I was concerned about possible crowds and thought 'You May Be Right' but decided to continue since it is 'My Life'. As I was walking down the path I could see a 'Modern Woman' who looked like an 'Update Girl' coming my way. As much as I wanted to 'Tell Her about It' I did not and respected social distancing. So I remain 'An Innocent Man' in all 'Honesty'. I thought about some sad CO-VID cases where 'Only The Good Die Young' but in these days I believe it is important we are all 'Keeping The Faith'. At this point it seemed like I had been out 'For The Longest Time' and headed back home.

Cheers and Stay Safe!
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