Rescheduled Concert

I am a huge fan of Billy Joel and his music!!!
I have seen a multitude of his concert performances, TV appearances, and own a number of albums, CDs, etc.
However, I have always wanted to see him perform at Madison Square Garden.
I am not from New York. I purchased concert tickets for May 2nd, and planned to go to Madison Square Garden while staying in NY for the first weekend in May.
On November 13, 2020 (the rescheduled date), I have a wedding to attend and cannot attend that concert!
Ticketmaster essentially spent my money for me without permission. That is just not right, and I would like a full refund. It is the right thing to do.
My ticket purchase should be fully refunded, allowing someone else to attend the concert and use those seats.
It is not right that this concert was rescheduled (as were others) without an opportunity for a refund.
I am not one to use 2nd party sites, and do not want to be forced to do so as the only possible way to recoup my money.
I am sure many other people are experiencing the same.


  • griffinm53griffinm53 Posts: 1
    Well i joined the same club, different Venue
    Charlotte NC in April 2020
    Move the Concert out a Year, SORRY BAD MOVE!

    Who knows if I will even be alive a year from now!
    I am retired and always wanted to see Billy Joel in Concert!
    Sorry but not giving REFUNDS is total BULL!
    I want a refund also !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Me too. Bought the tickets for a child who will be away at college for the rescheduled date...364 days later. That is RIDICULOUS. I have notified Ticketmaster and filed a complaint with the BBB. (Thanks LisaKay1 for that great idea!). I’m doing everything I can to get a critical mass to complain. It’s not like Ticketmaster won’t be able to resell those tickets.
  • rob182rob182 Posts: 12
    Ridiculous, I agree. Greedy, manipulative, and downright wrong.
  • rob182rob182 Posts: 12
    Looks like BJ (or Ticketmaster) heard the outcry. Refunds now being issued; at least I got an email regarding the postponed April concert in Charlotte.
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