Billy Joel Concert Saturday April 18 At Bank Of America Stadium Has Been Rescheduled

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The upcoming Billy Joel concert scheduled to take place at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte on Saturday, April 18, 2020 has been rescheduled to Saturday April 17, 2021. Tickets purchased for the 2020 concert will be honored on the rescheduled date.

The original point of purchase -- Ticketmaster or Live Nation -- is responsible for refund procedures.


  • rob182rob182 Posts: 12
    Refunds? Really don’t want my money tied up for a whole year. Just wrong.
  • TommyTTommyT Posts: 1
    I agree. Please let us know how to get a refund for this concert. Thanks!
  • terri1020terri1020 Posts: 1
    Agreed, I work @ the Angus Barn in Raleigh and this money will go a lot further to take care of my family than having to wait a year, if we can even afford it at that time. Hopefully they make the right decision and offer refunds to those that need it.
  • IrishwakeIrishwake Posts: 5
    I had my April 10 cancelled. No refunds being offered to date. Not even a comment letting fans and customers know whats happening re:refunds. How sleazy & embarrassing. Do right by all the people who have supported you through the years!
  • I hope this is only a very bad decision by promoters that will be corrected QUICKLY. If this is really what Billy wants, well then he isn’t who I thought he was. Billy...speak up and get this fixed or live with a terrible legacy.
  • rob182rob182 Posts: 12
    This is a terrible time to be keeping people's money, especially for a whole year. Most of us work hard and could certainly use refunds to get us through this crisis. It's not like BJ won't sell out another concert planned for next year. Some might be able (or prefer to) keep their money tied up this long, but for your fans who can't, or prefer to put it to different (more critical) use right now, please be considerate and offer refunds. Fans have supported you for many years; I'm hoping you won't let us down. Do the right thing.
  • Amen rob182. I’m a sole provider for a family of 6 who has had to take in my brother-in-law (so now family of 7) because of the virus. I’m now facing at least a 30-50% cut in income due to loss of hours and NEED the money that the promoters are keeping. Sadly, seems as out of touch as the promoters who are not offering FULL and IMMEDIATE refunds. Hopefully you and I are not the only ones reading this. Good luck rob182.
  • rob182rob182 Posts: 12
    Thanks, Greedy_Promoters, same to you. I’m sorry for your troubles. This is such a hard time. I’m so angry right now at the greed going on. If no refunds are offered, I won’t ever attend another Billy Joel concert. It might not make a dent to him, but I’ll be damned if I give him more of my money.
  • dswaimdswaim Posts: 1
    Absolutely agree. I'm done with him. I was a lifelong fan. Going to sell these seats. Billy needs to man up.
  • Just wanted everyone to see the post I sent directly to the BillyJoel_OnlineTeam. I intend to get louder and broader until someone answers:

    VERY quickly, somebody from your team needs to address the fact that during this time of unprecedented national medical and economic crisis your promoters are keeping money from concerts that are postponed for a year. People need their money back; they don’t need a worthless ticket. The post from Billy and Alexis gushing about Andrew Cuomo shows how disconnected from reality they really are. This is not a time for political endorsement; it is a time to do what each of us can to help each other. It is appalling that a performer with a net worth north of $200 million is holding on to money that hard working people who count by 1s, 10s and 20s, not by millions, need now. Truly appalling. Expect the voices to get louder and more widespread.
  • GySgtPUSMCGySgtPUSMC Posts: 2
    Trying to get this message to send to the on line team but ant get it to go, something about needing a Link??

    I am a retired United States Marine now working as a civilian DoD employee, I purchased tickets to see your charlotte concert for April 2020, I bought floor seats I splurged on myself its the first gift I've given myself since retiring and I had always wanted to see Billy Joel in concert, and that is ALOT of money for me to spend while I alone support my family with a wife who has a TBI from a car accident and can not work. I decided I was worth it and thought Mr Joel was worth it, However in light of this pandemic and the decision by him or his agent/promoters to not offer refunds for this concert and simply transfer the tickets to the already planned 2021 show, that right its not a postponement a postponement implies a NEW not previously scheduled appearance, this 2021 concert was already planned there fore the 2020 concert was a cancellation and should be refunded as such. A man worth 200 Million and his staff can surly afford to refund the money from a concert that is not actually happening. There are many people who need this money now to help their families stay afloat, I have had to take in my Daughter Son-inlaw and Grandson due to layoffs I that money would go much further buying food than tied up in a year off concert that in light of the way this is being handled I would not want to go to anyway! Do the right thing
  • GySgtPUSMCGySgtPUSMC Posts: 2
    Dennis Afra and Artist Group International is Billy Joel's agent

    150 East 58th Street
    19th Floor
    New York, NY 10155
    Phone: 212-813-9292
    Fax: 212-813-1972
    Email: [email protected]
  • LisaKay1LisaKay1 Posts: 5
    Also, let the Better Business Bureau know about Ticketmaster. I did. If their list of unsatisfied concertgoers rises, things may change.
  • GySgtPUSMC...since you obviously will not hear it from Billy Joel or his team or his promoters: Thank you and your family from the bottom of my heart for your service and God Bless every one of you. Oh yeah, that’s right, I just remembered that Mr. Joel is a self-professed atheist. Maybe that helps explain the callousness of keeping the Gunnery Sergeant’s money...and so many others’ money as well. Hang tough, Gunny. You’ve been through worse than this and you’ll get through this too. Keep leading that family the same way you lead those Marines. SEMPER FIDELIS! (Two more words that obviously mean NOTHING to Mr. Joel and his team.)
  • Good job LisaKay1. We just filed complaint with Beverly Hills, CA BBB (Ticketmaster Headquarters location). If enough people do it maybe we’ll at least get a response rather than just the stone wall.
  • clivebcliveb Posts: 1
    Hi everyone. having waited for response from Billy Joel to this for > 3 weeks from the 19/3/2020 show, thank you to LisaKay1 for the prompt about BBB. I have filed a complaint to them about Ticketmaster. Any reschedule should prompt the opportunity for a refund. This is disgraceful. across the trip to NYC for family reunion, the airlines have refunded, the hotels have refunded and the deposit at a restaurant has been returned. Not being able to get your money back for a cancelled show is disgraceful. In the UK the promoter has to offer you the chance to get your money back. That should be law in the USA too. Billy and your team. Bring in a refund option now and do the right thing.
  • lucialucia Posts: 1
    It’s hard to believe that in the midst of Covid with financial stress on everyone that no refunds have been offered. It is a disgrace to Billy Joel and anyone connected to him! Unbelievable!
  • I think it’s terrible they not refunding money on rescheduled concert 1 year away DISGRACEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!never buy tickets again

    Ticketmaster is now offering refunds. You should receive an e-mail with the link to do it. Must be requested by June 1st. Here is more info from the email:

    “Please Note: To be eligible, you must have purchased your tickets through Ticketmaster and not have transferred, posted or sold them. If the tickets were transferred to you, you will need to transfer them back to the original purchaser in order for them to take advantage of the above.

    If you do not choose this option by June 1, 2020, your tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled date.
    Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to gathering and celebrating the live experience together again.”
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