Charlotte Concert

FalconFalcon Posts: 1
I have thousands of dollars tied up on the Charlotte concert. Is there a cancellation or postponement decision?


  • rob182rob182 Posts: 12
    Be nice if they let us know sooner rather than later. Coronavirus spreading in Charlotte and NC; I doubt he’ll perform. That would be pretty irresponsible.
  • jdm789jdm789 Posts: 1
    Are they offering refunds? I cannot attend on the new date it is rescheduled for.
  • No refunds...because it is “rescheduled” 364 days later. The promoters (and apparently Billy Joel himself since he still has not commented at all about the subject) think they need our money more than we do now. Best course of action I have heard is to complain to the Better Business Bureau, although we are also now looking to see if we can get the media interested in telling the story. It’s a pretty sleazy story when you get right down to it. Multi-multi-millionaires hold on to working people’s money during unprecedented economic challenge. Appalling.
  • acb104acb104 Posts: 2
    I cannot commit to attending this concert A YEAR AWAY!!! I just left a complaint with the BBB. I am out HUNDREDS of dollars due to greed and people not willing to do the right thing.
  • rob182rob182 Posts: 12
    Refunds now being offered on Ticketmaster, at least for the Charlotte concert. Received an email this morning.
  • Does anyone know the status of the April 7, 2021 concert
  • marialvamarialva Posts: 7
    Am I the only one concerned about the April 17th (2021) Charlotte concert date? We are not even done vaccinating the elderly. The pandemic is not over. Some us planned to travel are not fit or able to do it without vaccination. Are refunds being offered for this date?
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