Billy Joel Concerts Scheduled For March 19 & April 10 At Madison Square Garden Postponed

The Billy Joel Concerts Scheduled For March 19 And April 10 At Madison Square Garden Have Been Postponed To September 26 and October 11, Respectively

Please be advised that the upcoming Billy Joel concerts scheduled to take place at Madison Square Garden on Thursday, March 19, 2020 and April 10, 2020 have been postponed. Tickets for the March 19th show will be valid for the performance on Saturday, September 26, 2020. Tickets for the April 10th show will be valid for the performance on Sunday, October 11, 2020.


  • See you in September
  • rob182rob182 Posts: 12
    What about the April 18 concert in Charlotte?
  • IrishwakeIrishwake Posts: 5
    edited 03/14/20
    So Will we be allowed to get a refund if we are unable to make the April 10th show that has been rescheduled to October 11? Seems the only honorable thing to do in light of what's happening.
  • PT23PT23 Posts: 3
    From my understanding a refund is a normal option when a show has been cancelled but is the responsibility of the venue / performer / producer to do so. I bought my tickets through Stub Hub & their official policy is "Stub Hub isn't responsible for changes to the event" and they will not consider refunding the tickets, (Not their problem)
    Stating the show has been postponed (versus cancelled) is all semantics, when in reality they did cancel the performance on the 19th. It is nice that they will honour the tickets for a future performance but unfortunately that won't work for some people, me included.
    I am also hopeful that they will accept their responsibility and offer refunds.
  • mdietzmdietz Posts: 1
    We agree - planned a special birthday/anniversary (huge Billy Joel fans!) trip to NY which is now cancelled - we cannot go to the rescheduled show, but because it wasn't 'canceled' are still responsible for the tickets. The circumstances around this event and pandemic are unprecedented - many performers, vendors and venues are taking the ethical route with this for other events, understanding the potential impacts. It is our hope also this will happen here also and they will accept responsibility and offer refunds - it would be the right thing to do. Fingers crossed!
  • rob182rob182 Posts: 12
    It is my hope that both venues and performers will take the high road in these unprecedented circumstances and issue refunds to those who cannot attend rescheduled shows. Who knows what’s even going to be happening by the Fall? Things could be better or they could be worse. It’s also the start of flu season, let alone this Coronavirus pandemic. I know I won’t be attending any concert scheduled/rescheduled this year. I love Billy Joel, but no concert or performer is worth my life. I have (3) tickets to the Charlotte concert on 4/18. I’m hoping they do the right thing and cancel it. Either way, I won’t be attending.
  • IrishwakeIrishwake Posts: 5
    I'm starting to question if Billy, the venue or TM are going to do the right thing re: refunds. The silence from all parties is deafening.
  • rob182rob182 Posts: 12
    For real. Unfortunate, with all that’s going on right now.
  • MattDMattD Posts: 1
    @BillyJoel_OnlineTeam please provide an update on the status of refunds for postponed concerts. By not cancelling and withholding refunds many people will suffer financially or will need to take on added stress trying to release tickets through offline channels. This scammy behavior isn't becoming for Ticketmaster or Billy Joel and his promoters.
  • Hey folks...below is a message I sent to the BillyJoel_OnlineTeam. I recommend that everyone who has social media (I don’t) use it and yell loudly. While this is likely a promoter decision, Billy Joel has the power and influence to change that decision. If I’m wrong and he doesn’t, he at least has the ability to comment. As multiple people have said, his silence is deafening:

    VERY quickly, somebody from your team needs to address the fact that during this time of unprecedented national medical and economic crisis your promoters are keeping money from concerts that are postponed for a year. People need their money back; they don’t need a worthless ticket. The post from Billy and Alexis gushing about Andrew Cuomo shows how disconnected from reality they really are. This is not a time for political endorsement; it is a time to do what each of us can to help each other. It is appalling that a performer with a net worth north of $200 million is holding on to money that hard working people who count by 1s, 10s and 20s, not by millions, need now. Truly appalling. Expect the voices to get louder and more widespread.
  • LisaKay1LisaKay1 Posts: 5
    Let the Better Business Bureau know about Ticketmaster. I did. If their list of unsatisfied concertgoers rises, things may change. It is possible that, in this case, the artist did not make that decision and has his hands tied. I am not blaming Billy Joel, I am blaming Ticketmaster and the concert promoters.
  • IrishwakeIrishwake Posts: 5
    Very well said Greedy. I just posted it on another site. I'm appalled that TM & BJ are enriching themselves during a time like this.
  • Lisa...Good idea about BBB. I agree it may not have been Billy Joel’s doing, however his (team’s) silence on the issue is disconcerting. There has been plenty of time and plenty of opportunity to at least respond to some of this. Obviously someone from the team has been on the site since the home page has been updated. So...if nothing else Billy Joel still has responsibility for the site bearing his name and the failure to even acknowledge the concerns.
  • cowoltercowolter Posts: 3
    edited 03/30/20
    What about June concert at Nortre Dame?
    Better to be safe. It seems the only honorable thing to do in light of what's happening.
  • IrishwakeIrishwake Posts: 5
    Good news. Billy and his wife sends "thoughts and prayers"! So much more valuable than...oh, I don't know....maybe a refund! So embarrassing and disappointing.
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