March 19th MSG- 16th birthday surprise/request?

My 15-year-old daughter, Grace, has discovered Billy Joel's music and is a HUGE fan! She found the tour schedule and requested a trip to a concert for her 16th birthday, in April. We considered going to Charlotte, but she has a big high-school track meet that weekend. While she was willing to miss the meet (where there could be potentially college coaches looking for recruits), my husband and I decided to look for an alternative. The March 19th show is during her Spring Break, so she and I will have a mother-daughter weekend for our first trip to NYC in celebration of her 16th birthday! It would be extra special if there were a shout out during the concert. Her name is Grace from Maryville, TN in section 112. She loves so many songs, but "Vienna" or "Lullaby" (she plays it frequently before going to sleep) are suggestions. Anything to make the night extra special is appreciated beyond measure.

I know this is a long shot, but, like others here, I have to try. Thank you for your consideration.


  • Hopefully they won’t cancel the event
    I have a feeling they will
  • bobpid23bobpid23 Posts: 2
    Would like to go since I have tickets but I’m hoping Billy does the right thing and pushes March out. Postpone March and keep everyone safe
  • Billy will do what New York major will
    Him to do
    I wish he does not cancel but if he does I will be very bumped down
    Some of us come from
    Far always
  • kramboerkramboer Posts: 1
    Dear Mr. Billy Joel,

    On my wedding day in Belgium , August 2013, I have sung live for my lovely wife (Lien) your great song, she is always a woman to me. I brought this song together with a live italian band, these were all collaborators of my company ( a multiplex cinema in Milan) Italy.
    They came all the way from Italy to play on our wedding day.
    It would be great to put this song on your playlist and this for three reaons:

    1. song dedicated to my wife, who is an extra ordinary person
    2. dedicated to all women in the world
    3. dedicated to the people of Italy, suffering strongly from the Corona virus.

    Thanks for taking this request in consideration.

    Thanks for bringing so much joy and hope for many people world wide with your straight - to -the vains- and - heart songs.

    Humble greetings from Belgium.
    Hope to hear your music life at Madison on March 19th.

    Kris Ramboer & Lien Beddeleem
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