March 2020

Hopefully concert will not be cancelled sec to Coronavirus
I will ne so mad


  • LorieLorie Posts: 1
    Will we see updates if the March 19 (or other dates) are changed?
  • SSPSSP Posts: 4
    Yes .. good question. What is likelihood of the concert being cancelled?
  • stefhstefh Posts: 5
    edited 03/06/20
    I contacted MSG today and they said currently the show will go on. If cancelled we'll be notified by our ticket provider. I had purchased ticket insurance and they have added that epidemics like the coronavirus aren't covered!
  • SSPSSP Posts: 4
    So if it gets cancelled - we are out the ticket money ?
  • Now I am worried
    State 3 emergency by governor New York
    I am bracing myself for cancellation of concert on March 19
    I will be so bumped was so thrilled
  • stefhstefh Posts: 5
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    At this point I hope they just let us trade our tickets for a later date. I usedTicketmaster chat last night and they said there should be ruling by the 15th. I was hoping Billy Joel would make some kind of announcement. Festivals, concerts and conventions are being cancelled everywhere.
  • I hope so too
    I live in California so this is a pain
  • Or billy can add another date in msg if that happens
    Am I pay heavy price to be on row 13
  • stefhstefh Posts: 5
    Wow that’s dedication to fly cross country! Isn’t CA already under the stage 3 emergency as well?
  • nconklinnconklin Posts: 1
    They should let us trade in for later show. The CDC is advising not to go if you’re over 60. That’s us.
  • I will wait until official cancellation.i am 64 and healthy
    Then I plan to go but I am pretty sure it will be cancelled because I am
    Sure Billy Joel
    Does not want to take risk for people to get sick in such a big arena
  • stefhstefh Posts: 5
    Yeah I’m taking my dad who is 72 so I’m going to try to sell for face value on Ticketmaster website
  • If they cancel the concert then the gathering for the election campaigns should be cancelled too which I am sure will not happen
    This is not making sense
    If big events are cancelled then it should apply to all gathering
  • SSPSSP Posts: 4
    Who cancels the show if it gets cancelled? When will we know? I am traveling and can recoop some investment if I know a week ahead..
  • I will travel to New York anyway
    I think Madison square garden is but we will be informed by the people that sold the tickets
  • stefhstefh Posts: 5
    I just tried to activate the sell feature on Ticketmaster for my tickets and it’s not available for my tickets.
  • AntopadAntopad Posts: 2
    We are flying in for this show. First ever trip to New York. I bought tickets from 3rd party reseller. Ugggg.
  • Do not worry same here I am flying to New York no matter what
  • At least easy to get into restaurants lol
  • SSPSSP Posts: 4
    Anyone need tickets for the 3/19 show? We are ni
    Not able to travel..
  • rob182rob182 Posts: 12
    I’d rather they postpone or cancel the shows than be around thousands of people right now. Not good.
  • I have all the confidence of people to do the right thing
    Stay away from crowd when you cough and fever or travelled to high risk areas or if you have a chronic medical condition
    On the other hand you have to listen to cdc that are the expects and nit to the crazy media that is not well informed or some of professionals that are politically motivated
    Do you know that people with tuberculosis are in concerts crowd and do not know yet
    Seen them diagnosed them took care of them so
    You have to put things in prospective
  • bobpid23bobpid23 Posts: 2
    I bought my tickets on a presale and have pretty good seats but I’m not going. If I lose my money so be it. Hopefully Billy will just add another show and people who have tickets for March should be able to use their tickets for the new show. Why would Billy Joel want to take the chance himself - he’s 70+
  • I guess we will know soon enough
  • rob182rob182 Posts: 12
    edited 03/12/20
    The problem isn’t people trying to do the right thing; the problem is people not yet knowing they’re infected, thus spreading it to others. The media isn’t making this a big deal; it IS a big deal. A pandemic, as per the WHO (the world, not merely the USA). Don’t kid yourself that this isn’t very serious. Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security. Everyone has to do their part to help prevent further spread of this as much as possible. Stay away from crowds; wash your hands - a LOT. Stay home if you’re sick; or as much as possible, even if you aren’t. If you can work from home, do so. There’ll be other concerts. It’s not worth taking the risk. I hope performers and artists, and everyone else, puts the health risk ahead of their pockets. I’m sure BJ will do the right thing. If he doesn’t, I have 3 tickets available to his Charlotte, NC, concert next month (4/18). I won’t be going.
  • emd563emd563 Posts: 2
    I do hope the March 19th concert is postponed. We've been asked by the CDC to stay away from large gatherings & this is especially true for those 60+ or those with chronic medical issues. Billy's concert at MSG is absolutely a large gathering! My concert mate has cancelled already; her ticket was my 80th birthday gift to her. She loves Billy, had never seen him & couldn't wait to see him! Her mindset & spirit is very youthful, but she needs to treat her body with care. I'm over 60 & have health issues & so do I. I'm concerned for Billy too--he's in the age group that should be especially careful to stay away from large groups. I will be very disappointed if the right thing doesn't happen & peoples' health & lives are put at risk. Please Billy, MSG, Ticketmaster--do the right thing & postpone the March 19th concert. Thanks.
  • I think you are right to stay away from the concert having health issues
    I am sure billy willl follow what is advised to him
  • ArnoArno Posts: 1
    I am from germany and so sad/ wanted to see my musical hero @MSG march 19th. But Mr. president will not let me go. Had to cancel Delta flight and hotel for next week.Block F Row 6 , not a bad seat....
  • This is terrible
    I am so sorry but to make you feel better may be I think the concert will be cancelled soon
    Just bracing myself for it and will have to cancel my flight from California
  • EA619EA619 Posts: 1
    Looks like Mr. Cuomo has resolved it for us. No gatherings of 500 plus in the city
    for the next month... Hope they do a reschedule.
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