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Hello! Really big fan here! I hope this is the right avenue to do this... I’ve been listening to Billy Joel since I was 10 (45 now) growing up in the Philippines. Moved to Wantagh, NY in 1992, and I’ve followed him a lot more intensely since then. ** Side note: My parents both worked in the Bronx, my dad worked in Levittown for a short time, and I was a National Guardsman in Westhampton Beach (Gabreski Arprt). I like to tell myself that I’ve been in his stomping grounds ) 😀 I now live in NC. On April 18th, I’ll get to watch him in concert with my family! It will be a great honor if he is able to play “Lullaby” that night. I sang that to my daughter Maika (pronounced Micah) when she was a baby. She is 14 now and will be at the concert with me! This will be her first time to see him. A lifetime of gratitude if he is able to do that. Many, many thanks!

Percy (big fan and proud dad)


  • sibalsibal Posts: 2
    Oh, and if Mr. Joel happens to read this and decides to give a shout out, we are at section 520, which is about the 10:00 position from the stage’s perspective. Thank you again!!!

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