Thank you!

I visited New York with my daughter, Lily, one of my dearest friends, JoAnne and her daughter, Emma this past weekend.

The purpose of our visit was a 'get-away' for Lily and I, I lost my son, Quinton (21yrs old), Lily's older brother in a car accident on February 21, 2018, and with the anniversary fast approaching, I told Lily that she could pick pretty much anywhere to go....... she chose to see Billy Joel at MSG on February 20, 2020. As a fan myself and so was Quinton, I thought it was an amazing choice! We invited JoAnne and Emma, and made a 'girls weekend' out of it. We are all from Pembroke, Ontario, a small community approximately 2 hours north west of Ottawa Ontario. We piled in the car for the 7 hour drive to New York City!

It turned out to be much more than amazing! We purchased our seats in section 223. JoAnne and Emma couldn't get tickets with us as they purchased them after us. They were sitting in section 226.

Lily and I were in our seats when a young man approached us and handed us tickets. He told us to enjoy the show from the floor. I was apprehensive at first but he said he was with the tour. We were blown away! Lily and I went to give JoAnne and Emma our tickets as we had better seats. They were so happy for us! En route to our new seats, we ran into the same young man and he upgraded ALL of us to the floor seats. To say the least, it was an overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

When we arrived at these now spectacular seats, we chatted with everyone else who had the same incredible experience of being upgraded to these floor seats.

All of this is to say THANK YOU to Billy Joel and his staff. We cannot thank you enough for this experience. I have been to a few concerts, for Lily this was her 2nd, and for JoAnne and Emma, probably 50 plus and this has never happened to them either. All of us were speechless, teary eyed, overwhelmed, thankful; the list goes on and on. We would truly like to applaud Billy Joel and all the tour staff for doing this for his fans. It shone a light for all our group during this difficult time. We all miss Quinton every single day and this experience was a bright light in a usually dark time in our lives.

Thank you again,
Laurie, Lily, JoAnne, Emma
[email protected]


  • Billy Joel is a wonderful human being and this is such a wonderful thing to do
    So happy for all of you to have found a way to enjoy yourselves in this dark time
    I am sure your son was dancing in heaven watching all of you having fun
    This is exactly what he would want you to do!
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