Getting in touch?

I want to send an email for a request at a concert. Probably won happen but it;s worth a try! Who can I send my request to in hopes that he sees it?


  • GinaReGinaRe Posts: 6
    Try to post your song request here, in the FORUM. I think that there is not other way.
  • AnibalAnibal Posts: 1
    Wonder if possible that Billy Joel is performing a concert in Europe during 2020 and preferly in.Spain (Malaga)
  • bjsnulifebjsnulife Posts: 1
    edited 08/21/20
    Billy stopped at an Oyster Bay food pantry last week (People Loving People) and took a photo with some of the volunteers there. Rocking the Road for a Cure, Inc. who services Breast Cancer patients with free services has partnered with this food pantry in helping these patients with food deliveries to their homes. RTRFAC has started a GoFundMe Charity Campaign to raise funding for both their organization and People Loving People. We were wondering if we could get his permission to use the photo on our GoFundMe site to show his support as well for what they do. Please advise. I think it will help the cause. Please visit the site to see what we are doing if there is any concern. Stay safe - stay well.
  • crederocredero Posts: 1
    Seriously..... you are supporting Trump?????????? Why is your music being played at the RNC...... disgusting!
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