Sing that song Buffalo NY

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Beyond thrilled Billy Joel will be performing in Buffalo,Ny this summer. I am not just excited for myself but my son at 13 years old who is excited and said that is what he wants for his birthday. I told him it probably wouldn’t happen because of the price. I was fortunate enough to to have won some money and was able to purchase tickets for his birthday. I would have figured it out anyway. At this point he does not know he is going to the concert. When we go in stores that have band T-shirt’s such as Spencer’s he will ask if they have a Billy Joel T-shirt.

I don’t know if Billy Joel reads this or anyone that works for him. I want to share about my son. It was suggested last year I take him for voice lessons so I sought out an instructor. After a few lessons the instructor wanted me to buy Sean a song book of his favorite artist to practice with. I asked Sean if he wanted Michael Buble or Tim McGraw? Those are two artists I hear him regularly sing. He looked at me with the oddest look and said “no, Billy Joel is my favorite.” So I ordered him at 12 years old a Billy Joel Song book. The first lesson that he practiced with it I heard him singing Piano Man and it gave me goose bumps.

Today at 13 years old he performed at the NYSCMA Solo Festival at a level 5, the highest level being a 6. He scored a 99/100 points. This spring he will perform a level 6. This isn’t a mom that just thinks her kid can sing and it’s cute. This boy can sing. He didn’t get it from me.

I am doing what I can to make this dream for him happen by taking Sean to the concert. I am asking for your help by going beyond what I have done and making it so he can sing with Billy Joel. This doesn’t have to be on stage. Just a few moments to jam if possible. Thank you.
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