2nd time lucky

nixienixie Posts: 1
My husband Kieran, turns 40 this week and we’re coming to see Billy in MSG January 25th from Ireland.

Kieran Is a musician and Mr Joel has been a major source of inspiration for him, he’s hard working and talented but as you know it’s a tough business. So he teaches, 3 of his students played BJ tunes at their end of school concert this term including our eight year old who played Vienna, it’s his favourite song. 🥰

He puts on shows in our local theatre bringing together hundreds of performers, his ‘piano man‘ tribute to Billy Joel was a labour of love and pure magic, reimagining some of the greatest hits Including this one https://www.facebook.com/226925120978510/videos/280369898967365?sfns=mo

He’s got a picture of scenes from an Italian restaurant with all the words in the form of a table 2 chairs and two bottles in his studio, his second favorite song you get the picture he’s a big fan -no pun intended!

We had tickets for the same show a few years ago but it was cancelled so we are very excited to get to see Mr Joel live at last. It’s only taken us 3 years to save up for the return trip.

If it were possible to say hello it would make his whole year.

Kindest regards

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