SeeingBJ at MSG this year

Need advice, never been to USA, coming from UK, will need flights, good seats, hotel, etc, in our 60's and 70's but fit, my hubby has seen BJ before in UK but I never have, so a big deal for me and long awaited dream, any suggestions where to start would be gratefully received, Tks in advance.


  • Hotel we will go to Hilton garden Times Square
    Nice and reasonably priced and 10 mn walk from msg
  • jaimestujaimestu Posts: 1
    Don't get floor seats at MSG unless you're front row. It's really hard to see past the people in front of you if you are on the floor and you can't stand on the chairs. I would stay somewhere NOT in Times Square. The Omni near Radio City is usually my go to, when I stay in the city (i live in NY), but anywhere not in the times square area is usually less hectic and either still walking distance or the hotel will call you a cab. Also download Uber/Lyft and/or the Aaro app (that one is used for normal taxi's and is generally a bit cheaper and easy for people not used to hailing a cab). Billy at MSG is the best concert I have ever attended. Enjoy!!!
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