"Uptown Girl" or "Billy the Kid" - What's it gonna be??

SarahESarahE Posts: 1
In January 2010, I married a great person named Stephen and our first dance was to "Always a Woman". We moved to NYC with a plan to get back to Texas in two years. We are still here. With two sweet daughters in tow now. What is it with New York? On our 10th Anniversary Celebration on January 25th 2020, I'm surprising him with tickets to see Billy Joel perform this incredible ballad that means so much to us. He's been away for 6 weeks, and I’m sure he’ll be able to tell right when he sees me that I’m 4 months pregnant. After four miscarriages, I think this one is going to be the gift that completes our family. I have a letter sitting on my desk that I’m saving to open at that moment to find out if we are getting our 3rd Uptown Girl or 1st Billy the Kid. We'll take anything. And So It Goes.......I cannot wait to see Billy Joel in concert and surprise my husband with this amazing news....Not to mention, selfishly find out what we're having! It's killing me not to peek in the letter.
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