December 11 concert birthday request

I am a huge Billy Joel fan. Growing up in NY I went to many concerts. Now I am living in NC with my husband and still go to NY for concerts. The last one we went up for was cancelled after we arrived in NY. What a bummer! Now we are going to the December 11 concert, which is my 65th birthday. Since my name is Virginia, I would love if you could play “Only the Good Die Young” for me. We are sitting in seats behind the stage in section 111. Hopefully, the seats will be good! Can’t wait until the concert!


  • mouton89mouton89 Posts: 1
    December 11 is my Wife's Birthday (she'll be turning 48). I am surprising her on Wednesday. We will jump in a taxi from the West Village and I'll tell the driver to take us to 33'rd and 7th Ave. We will be in section 118 row 12. Cheers. If Billy Joel reads this, I just want to say: "Thank you for being Billy Joel. Thank you for existing"

    Christopher (and Kristiina)
  • Bigdale4Bigdale4 Posts: 3
    I would just like to be able to buy two tickets to Billy‘s concert without having to go through resellers who are stealing Billys fans blind I’ve been attempting to buy two tickets to take my wife to see Billy and Charlotte in April and have not been able to the tickets are all been bought by resellers which in my opinion are the lowest form of life scalpers used to be look down upon now they are the only source of tickets they have been encouraged by Ticketmaster who should be ashamed of them selves or what they did not only are they making money from the original sale to the scalpers but also in their resale market they are making even more money where is your shame Ticketmaster .I can understand other sites do resale but you don’t even give customers a chance to buy you encourage resellers you make it easy for them you give them special programs that they can get in and buy Tickets before the public yet and the shame about it is people are buying them from the resales if everyone stop being subjected to this unfair practice that I’m sure e the public yet and the shame about it is people are buying them from the resales if everyone stop buying just one concert out of a tour from resellers and performer had to perform before an empty arena, concert hall ,stadium whatever then maybe the performers who I’m sure are not involved in this would be made aware of this unfair practice and help their fans be able to come and see them perform I know Billy appreciate his fans I’ve seen them at Madison Square Garden I’ve seen him chastise security personnel for harassing a fan so I know he’s a man who appreciates his fans and how much money and effort it takes for his fans to come and see him so my hope is to one day be able to buy tickets at A fair price and let’s Starve the scalpers out they are robbing you they are robbing the performers and they should be treated as criminals not rewarded by buying their wares .Billy I am sorry that my wife and I will not be Able to come see you because we’re not able to find tickets that are not inflated many times .We love you piano man keep playing Your heart out as you always do! A Bronx boy living in South Carolina and can’t even get a good bagel! Big Dale
  • I turned 70 on Nov 15; my friend , Pat turned 70 Nov 8. We are Canadian Billy Joel fans . To celebrate our turning 70, we flew into New York ( from Toronto ) to see Billy Joel Dec 11.
    We wish our fellow 1949er a belated Happy 70th.
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