December 11th

Hi. So, we are huge Billy Joel fans and are traveling from California to MSG to see him on Dec 11th. It is our 40th wedding anniversary and our wedding song was " Just the Way You Are". It would be so very cool if he could give us a shout out (Jon and Carol) as we are very proud of our 40 years and that song is part of the cement! The very best concert I've ever seen in my life was Billy and Elton together in Sacramento California! Thank you so much!!!


  • Gen68Gen68 Posts: 1
    Hello, as i am sure that you get thousands of requests and people wanting this or that. But i just wanted to share a short story with you My wife did uptown girl in her elementary school talent contest. She was Billy Joel and her friend was Christie Brinkley. Her and her father have share a love of your music from almost birth So for our anniversary i got us floor seats to your Dec 11 show. My mother-law was so excited she got them seats directly behind us. Truly a bucket list event for my wife, and to share it with her father, once in a lifetime type thing ..
    Hope to hear and enjoy Uptown Girl, cant wait to see the reaction on her face, when you start that song . Bless you and all the memories you have given to all of us Gennaro Silvestri BTW Wife is Tiffany Armitage and Dad is Dave

    Did i mention huge fans Calgary is a long way from NYC :smile:
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