Ticketmaster Error for Buffalo show

ConnieLeeConnieLee Posts: 2
edited 11/18/19 in East coast
I am absolutely heart broken....front row and TM would not allow me to purchase them. I am heading into my 25th year of Breast Cancer Survival and that was to be my celebration. Now the only great seats are Platinum, of course. I think if TM had an error they should redo the onsale to be fair......just crushed. I was in my 20's when I was diagnosed and saw Billy during my treatment. Music is my medicine. I contacted Customer Service to no avail....have I mentioned that I despise ticketmaster? If there is a way I could buy directly from the powers that be, I would be most grateful. <3
Regards, Connie


  • ConnieLeeConnieLee Posts: 2
    edited 11/18/19
    I will add that I was AMAZED to even see the front row on sale at all as I know Billy's policy...granted it was in section E which is not center. I couldn't believe my luck and then TICKETBASTARD strikes again.....grrrrrr
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