Please schedule 2nd show at the Hard Rock

Hi Billy,
I've been listening to you and seeing you perform since my college days at Hofstra in the 70's. I feel like we have grown up together and all the important times in my life have been shared with your music. I am a full time care giver for my 93 year old mother and missed the pre-sale for your concert at the Hard Rock Jan. 10th which is my birthday. I've even taken my mom to your concert with Elton John. I haven't missed any of your shows when you are in FL. New Year's Eve shows were amazing! Please schedule a 2nd show at the Hard Rock for all of your fans that want to see you and couldn't get tickets. My husband promised he would take me for my birthday if we can get tickets. Even went to Hard Rock today to see if there was any way to get tickets for your show Jan. 10th but no such luck. Re-sell tickets are too expensive.

I love listening to your commentary about your songs on Sirrus and now your songs take on an even more significant meaning when I know the background of how you wrote your songs. My kids grew up listening to your music as you are the ultimate story teller and am now introducing your music to my grandkids. Keep playing and entertaining as you are like fine wine just keeps getting better with time.
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