Ticket Prices

dgoodisdgoodis Posts: 1
I have seen Billy perform maybe 35x over the years and he's fantastic. That being said, and speaking as his biggest fan I can no longer justify these insane prices for an evening out no matter how great he is. When did concert ticket pricing develop into a Grand per ticket and how is this in any way the new normal? Have these musicians lost touch with reality? Sad but I guess the time has come to agree that I'm done...................


  • bananiebananie Posts: 1
    I have been a Billy fan since my early tween years. Have seen him live in Syracuse, Buffalo and Charlottesville. I listen to his channel on XM, and love hearing his life stories. My husband who is also a huge fan and has seen him multiple times, is turning 50 next year. We thought it would be great to see him again, and that would be his big 50 present. I guess I'm getting cheap in my older years, but I just can't fathom paying those prices in an open air all weather stadium, sitting in the upper deck. I checked prices in Charlotte and Buffalo. Been to many events in a large stadium in all kinds of weather to know what it's like. I would consider paying those prices in a smaller venue perhaps. I am a nurse, and my husband sells cars. We are by no means suffering, and can pay for it, but I work way too hard to support this salary. It's so unfortunate. Changes my view of listening to those stories I've enjoyed on the XM station that is for sure. I'll just keep my great memories of past performances where it was affordable to support entertainers like Billy without breaking the bank for hardworking Americans.
  • The high prices has nothing to do with billy Joel
    His most expensive seats are 150$
    The problem is at presale lot of people buy many of the best seats and then inflate the price
    What billy Joel should do is finding a way to prevent resale or put a cap on price
    Unfortunately billy will realize that he will have empty seats not because people are tired of him but because of the price
    I love him because the show is fantastic but I had to pay more than 150$ for a good seat
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