Dec 11

Hello, my name is is Al and I have a question to ask. On Dec 11 we are celebrating the 48th birthday of our great friend Lori at the Billy Joel concert at MSG. We are a party of 5 and we have collectively saw Billy about 40 times since the Bridge tour. It’s always a party and we always have a blast. This is a huge deal for Lori, she does not have the opportunity to enjoy herself much. She has 2 adult children that both have autism and as you can imagine it takes up a lot of her time. As you can imagine she is really looking forward to seeing the concert again, and we are looking to make it as special as possible for her. Her favorite song to see live is Piano Man because she says it’s like a giant party. This time we got tickets for the bar stools because we can dance and enjoy ourselves. My question is, if Billy Joel can just give a shout out to her it would literally make her the happiest woman ever. Her name is Lori and she will be turning 48. Hopefully this works out, either way we are so looking forward to seeing the big guy again!
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