This is a long shot, but ??

KAZ63KAZ63 Posts: 1
Good morning,

My name is Kevin. I will be attending your November 15th Concert at the Garden with a very special girl in my life. We met back in 1981 and it was love at the first sight me. We have recently reconnected.

I realize this is a silly request that more likely will never even reach you. But I figured it cannot hurt to try.

Of all the songs that remind me of her one really says it all.. And would be just a once in a lifetime, incredibly romantic, special moment for both us if you could dedicate “To Make you feel my Love” to Lisa.

Again I feel kinda of silly even writing this on a fan blog, as I have never done anything like this since I was a kid and would write letters to my favorite Met players and they would actually send pictures back..

I appreciate your time. And looking forward to the concert.

Thank you
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