Seriously billy? Concert tickets are out of reach !!

mamajane02mamajane02 Posts: 1
edited 10/19/19 in Billy Joel Discussion
Seriously billy? I’m a huge fan and even when I used to scream out singing your music when I was 7 and everyone r covered there ears I’ve akways been anazed by your talent billy. I was hoping to take my family to a concert and intro my teenage kids to your concert ! However going on Ticketmaster this morning and seeing the seats from $750-2200 per seat for hard rock tickets in Florida is appalling. Are your concerts Only for the rich now? Disappointed!!!


  • kampfmkampfm Posts: 1
    I’m a huge fan, see him all the time when here. But the Hardrock tickets. Are disgusting!! Billy doesn’t sell out to high prices. I guess he does now, when affordable seats are in last rows for 104+++ & tons of seats for $1800.
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