Tampa Ticket Sales unfair to Handicapped

I grew up in NY. I was online, for Tampa sales, at 10 AM. I am handicapped. I have a spinal cord injury, so my hands don't work fast. Every time tickets became available, in sec 118 or 129, I'd click as fast as I could and it would say "sorry another fan got to these first". ...over and over and over. I was on trying for tickets since 10..it's now 1:55. Plenty of tickets came up in the sections, but only two at a time. I just went on STUBHUB and they are absolutely FLOODED with tickets in those two sections... which means scalpers got most of those seats. So disheartened and disappointed. I can't afford to go on STUBHUB and pay $400 and up for seats. Just the $169 per seat was high enough. Does anyone else get frustrated with this? I'll keep checking between now and the concert...but miss the old days, when tickets went on sale and the whole arena was open for purchase. I tried the presales also.... and the ticket prices just kept going up and up. Wish everyone luck who's trying to get tickets.
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