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PapaLewPapaLew Posts: 1
I have been attempting to request permission to use one of Joel's song in the Vietnam room of the museum I volunteer at but get no responses. Now I found one I would like to use in our Cold War room. Does anyone know who I need to talk to about getting permission to use a song?


  • I made a video of me performing Just The Way You Are on Lap steel guitar. I would like permission to upload the video to YouTube.
    Paul Vassallo
    Northport Long Island
  • I and my robotics team made a parody to We Didn’t Start The Fire (in fact, our robotics team is named We Did Start The Fire). We would like permission to use this parody as our theme song but do not know who to ask for permission. If anyone knows anyone to contact, that would be spectacular!

    Thank you,
    Audrey Stankunas
    We Did Start The Fire
    [email protected]
  • Proud_momProud_mom Posts: 1
    Hello everyone!
    I want to ask your permission to use your song as background for video what I made for my husband Tom for father's day. We adopted our baby Sabina in 2018 when she was born. Tom is wonderful father and I decide to make something special for him this year.
    I'm working as intensive care unit nurse, during this pandemic I have to work at hospital and stay away from my baby and hubby 3 days each week for 3 months, my former job was 3 hours away from home. Tom was taking care of Sabina and was along, I want to be with them but I couldn't. Now I finally change my job to hospital close to home and will start at end of the month to continue to work in intensive care.
    Your song "Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel)" is presenting all Tom's attitude, filling and character as father. Please help me to make this special present for him, I have been bought download from Amazon so we have been using at home computer.
  • Hi, I am trying to obtain permission to release a version of We Didn't Start the Fire with updated lyrics for 2020. Please contact [email protected] - thank you.
  • Heyhoe. Funny, we did the same and made a heavier and faster version of "We didn´t start the fire" with a mix of original and updated lyrics. We would also kindly ask if we could upload the song for our fans. We can also send a copy to you. Please contact [email protected] or respond here :)

    Best wishes from Germany, Rafael
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