Songs for Arlington TX show

I have surprised my 14 year old and we are heading to the show. He is a huge fan. He loves many of his songs but, Loves to sing “My Life” when I nag him. I love to sing Vienna back. Wondering if these will be on the set list. We are looking forward to all of his songs, but would love to hear My Life and Vienna.


  • chris3ccchris3cc Posts: 1
    I don't want to ruin it by posting the setlist he's been doing but i can say, according to the setlist, he will do both of those songs, Vienna early in the concert and My Life about 7 songs later. I'm taking my wife (neither of us have seen him)'s supposed to be 56 degrees so bring a coat (it's outside)
  • louisb53louisb53 Posts: 1
    Have attended 3 concerts in the past 3 years. These shows have consisted of approximately 29 songs and the concerts lasted three hours. Amazing shows. Tonight's show at Globe Life Park in Arlington was 19 songs and lasted barely two hours. It ended abruptly like they had to catch the last flight out of DFW. Why was this concert so short ?
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