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Dearest Billy Joel,

This past summer, my daughter went on a school trip to NYC. It was the trip of a lifetime for her! After she toured Madison Square Garden and learned all about you, she is officially the BIGGEST FAN OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! Since June, she has made it her mission to see you perform one day. She insists we listen to your music (which is AMAZING) on every road trip. She truly appreciates your talent and incredible passion for music.

Thank you for continuing to inspire generations. You are legendary!

On September 25th (next week) she is turning 16! This past month, I have been trying to think of how to make this milestone birthday one she will always remember. I have concluded, there is no better birthday gift for the greatest 16 year old daughter than making a magical memory....SO....Would you give her a shout out? It would mean the world to me (and her)!

She is on Twitter at : @Chloeecnh03
My email: [email protected]
My Twitter: @latasha_holt

This Mom will be forever thankful.


Latasha Holt (Mom of Chloee Holt)

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