2020 MSG Dates

When are you realeasing the MSG dates for next year? I am planning on visiting my nephew in New York early next and hope to take a stroll in the Garden while I'm there.


  • tonyj62tonyj62 Posts: 1
    I too was wondering about 2020 dates for MSG. Two of my wife's favorite things are Billy Joel and NYC so I would like to surprise her for her 50th birthday...a trip to NYC to see Billy Joel....I have to be honest, they are also 2 of MY favorite things as well :-)
  • k_lok_lo Posts: 1
    We are also planning a trip next year and are eagerly awaiting the 2020 tour dates for MSG
  • dianegludianeglu Posts: 1
    Coming to NYC in January. Would also like to know MSG dates! Please let us know!
  • RnLrk81RnLrk81 Posts: 5
    In the last years the first dates for the concerts in the Garden of the following year were announced in mid-October.
  • gavinmckaygavinmckay Posts: 1
    Will there be any shows at MSG in 2020
  • AlanovichAlanovich Posts: 1
    Hi there, I'm also keenly anticipating any news on MSG dates for 2020 - would love to travel to NYC from the UK in my, and my wife's, 50th birthday year for a gig.
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