Mr.Joel,please come to Berlin,Germany

TinaTina Posts: 1
Is there any chance of a gig in Berlin,Germany? It is such a long time ago since you were here and it would be so great to see you here again! I would like to travel to the USA but it is not possible for me because of health reasons (that's why I unfortunately missed your gig in Hamburg last year,I was in Hospital because of Problems with my heart).So I hope so much that you can come soon to Berlin,this is the biggest wish I have.Maybe you can make it possible?
Best wishes,


  • Hi Tina,
    I've already tried with a poster (Billy, Berlin waits for you) in 2006, to please him to visit Berlin for a show, but it didn't worked out so far.
    I am from Berlin too and I saw his shows in Hamburg, Rotterdam, Rome in 2006. And thank god I had the opportunity to see him 2016 in Frankfurt and last year in Hamburg again. This year I went with my friend to his London Show. One of my big wishes for next year is to see him at MSG.
    But yes, it would be amazing if Billy would having a show once in Berlin.
    And of course I hope you get a chance to see him live again.
    Best wishes to you, Tina! Hope you get the chance!


  • RnLrk81RnLrk81 Posts: 5
    I would also like to see Billy in Berlin (maybe at Waldbühne, but it would probably be too small to be profitable) ... but also everywhere else in Germany or Europe. Unfortunately the big stadiums in Germany are not built for concerts and have a massive sound problem ☹️.

    @Eva: I was also at the concerts in Frankfurt, Hamburg and London (and Dublin 🙄), but NY topped them all. I saw him at MSG on Good Friday in 2017 - indescribable! Hope that your wish will come true.

  • I would like to join the request:Please come to Berlin! You and your music mean the world to me! Your Songs have accompanied my whole life (I am Born in 1969).Since I was About 10 years old I became a big fan of you and I am until today (and will always be)! To see you here in Berlin would be a dream come true! Please,Mr.Joel,give your heart a jolt,your fans here are waiting for you!

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