First responder has heart attack first song at M.S.G. concert 8/28/19. Life long bucket list.

My son -in- laws father who happens to be a first responder on 9-11 always had Billie Joel's concert at M.S. G.
on his bucket list. Well, as it turned out he scored tickets for the show last week on Wednesday August 28th, and just as the first song started ,retired Captain F.D.J.C. Bob Halter felt a pain in his chest along with the typical numbness in the left arm. Although he thought to himself that this could possibly be just some heartburn, he had also witnessed hundreds of victims of cardiac arrest and had assisted in the life saving measures administered by so many of our nations finest First Responders, when he started to find himself feeling disoriented he immediately sought out help from a nearby usher and stated that he was experiencing a heart attack. The usher then summoned the para-medics and he was rushed to N.Y.C. Hospital just a few blocks away. When Captain Halter arrived , the Doctors there concurred that indeed he was in full cardiac arrest with 100% blockage in one artery. They all concurred that he indeed had saved his own life. They immediately placed 4 stints into his chest and fortunately were able to save him . Captain Halter comes from a family of "First Responders as his brother was a police officer and both of his sons are 'Firemen' for F.D.J.C.'
Bobby has no idea that I am writing to you folks, but I sincerely thought that Mr. Joel would want to know what took place that evening. Oh, I almost forgot, Bobby Halter is also a musician...has been playing drums for years on the side in small venues with his buddies around Jersey City. He would say he was not that great
but he practices every day and has been for many, many years. He of course has a few of Billie Joel's tunes included in his sets.
Thanks for listening.
If you would care to get in contact with Captain Halter , please feel free to contact me at my email address.
[email protected]
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