Inspiration and Semi-Ringer issues

As another piano player I have to say you have been one of my musical inspirations since the early 70s. I can play more than a few of your songs (except for Angry Young Man and Scenes From an Italian Restaurant — parts of which no one can play but you) and am still in rock bands and will continue to be there until I'm too old to move my fingers. I have also been accused of looking like you since the 70s, which helped me immensely with the women when I was in college! Anyway, my family and my best friend were at your 20th concert at MSG a few years ago (then that was a big deal!) and I had to have selfies taken with a number of people who noticed the resemblance. That was the concert where Itzhak Perlman did the violin solo from Downeaster Alexa — It was incredible. Looking like someone who has been an inspiration to me is one of those lucky things that happens to very few people. It could be a lot worse. Anyway, I'm a professor at NYU and our school's graduation is at MSG every year, and I'm there every year for my students. It always reminds me of you. Thanks for all of the inspiration — I will never understand how you can write in so many musical styles — it's a beautiful gift. Keep on playing at MSG. We'll be back. John L. Ricci


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