Baby sister Melissa’s wedding

Dear sirs and Mr. Joel
I am in great need of your help to make my baby sister Melissa’s wedding the most beautiful and perfect event of her lifetime. I am very sick and this would most likely be my last family event and what a way to go. My sister has been an amazing woman, single mom of 2 and owned her own company for awhile while raising her children. She will be getting married on November 1st 2019 and I have always tried to come up with things for her that are like thinking outside the box. Well I have come up with this one to top all of the most precious ones before here’s what I have In mind. I would appreciate it so much if you could possible find a way to come to Baton Rouge La for her wedding on November 1st 2019 and I know people ask you things like this all the time well cause your the best ever.
She and our cousins have traveled all over just to see you in concert, they even went to NEW YORK to see you.
I know I am plastering this everywhere but I’m really desperate to make her day OVER THE TOP with your help.
Whatever you may need and whatever you can do would mean more to her than you could ever imagine. If you can help me in anyway I’d be so happy to make my baby sister Melissa's day the best ever. My special mail is [email protected] I’m asking you and your staff to please please please help me in making this this the GREATEST DAY OF HER LIFE!!!!
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