Happy Birthday request

Hi Billy, it may be a long shot that you'll see this request but here goes . . . we will be in NYC to see your show on August 28th, we'll be sitting in section 116 row 10. My husband has been a fan of yours since he was a young boy when he started learning to play piano, his favourite song to play is Piano Man, our children and I absolutely love hearing him play it. We're travelling all the way from Canada to see you for my husband's 50th birthday, we'll be celebrating a little early as his actual bday is on September 11th. Attending your show at Madison Square Gardens has been a bucket list item for my husband for quite a few years - he's really looking forward to seeing you perform and extremely happy that our two adult children are able to enjoy this event with him. Would you please sing Happy Birthday to my husband David? He doesn't know I'm asking so this would be an amazing surprise for him! Thank you, Tracey
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