Pls play "You're my home" for our 35th anniversary at Denver Show

gsrgsr Posts: 1
That was our wedding song. Long story but wedding band didn't know it so friends went to their car and got guitars and did it for us - that made it even more special. BTW we met when I helped set up your stage at Rutgers in 1977 - don't you remember :)?

Glenn (and Nancy) Russo


  • kbusskbuss Posts: 1
    Our daughter & her fiancé were engaged 1 week ago. Although they are both from the Midwest, they both love Denver & are building a home & life here. Please give recognition to this wonderful couple as they start the countdown to marriage:

    Kyley Bussewitz & Ben Taylor
    Section A7 row 7 seats5-8

    (2 seats are ours-Kyley’s parents) actually 8 of our family members are attending the Billy Joel concert.

    Thank you!
    Katy Bussewitz
    Solon, IA
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