This is a story of MIRACLES

Dear Mr. Joel,
My name is Lisa, and I am 1 week away from seeing your concert in Denver, August 8, 2019, and it will be a miracle moment for me and my biological mother, Stephanie. A true miracle. I want to tell you the story, because ironically enough, you are a part of it.
You see, I was adopted in 1972 to a wonderful family who raised me with love and understanding. (and Sadness and Euphoria, depends on how you look at it) I always knew I was adopted, but it took me a long time to get up the guts to find my biological family. I found them in March of 2018 when I was 46. We instantly connected, especially through our love of music. My biological mother and I shared some seemingly strange similarities: we both loved egg fu young and always carried spearmint gum in our purse. That all seemed pretty normal, (weird, okay) even though we’re both Hispanic/native American from New Mexico, but within a couple of days we came to realize our most unusual similarity: we both loved you and your music more than any other artist. It wasn’t weird that we both loved you and your music, obviously most everyone loves your music. What was weird was HOW MUCH we both loved you equally: like we both LOVE you, Billy Joel, passionately, more than any other artist, and apparently, we always have. During those years while we didn’t know each other, the one thing that was clearly consistent was how much we loved your music.
In October of 2018 we took a road trip from Albuquerque to Denver, and we put the Billy Joel channel on, and sang our hearts out for more than 6 hours. And we LOVED it!!! Especially the stories told by you and your daughter Alexa Ray. We knew all the words to every song, and we loved singing them at the top of our lungs. We were both hoarse for 2 days.
Mr. Joel, I don’t even remember falling in love with your music. That’s how long I’ve loved it and you, since before I can even remember. As far I have a memory, you have been my favorite. When I was gifted a 71 Volkswagen beetle as a car when I was 15, it had an 8-track player in it. So I started going to flea markets to collect old 8-tracks. (they were already obsolete by then, so I had to paw through flea markets) I found 2: one was the soundtrack to fiddler on the roof, which I loved, but the other was The Stranger, which I quite simply, eventually wore out I played it so much. Please understand I had other recordings of yours, (on cassette, remember those?) but The Stranger was the one I listened to over and over in my car. Full disclosure: The Stranger is not my very favorite song of yours. (trying to choose one would be like choosing a favorite child. Impossible. Okay, it’s Your My Home. Or Vienna. Or of course Worse comes to Worst. I am a woman in New Mexico, after all.)
Unknown to me, my biological mother was loving you at the same time. She even named her second child William Joseph just so she could call him Billy Joe. (as close as she could get to your name without offending her family. Luckily, many of them are named Joseph, which is also my adoptive father’s name, ironically.) Unfortunately, Billy passed away 20 years ago, and I will never get to meet him. He took his own life and my biological mother at that point went into a kind of sadness/depression that she couldn’t really shake. I learned all this when I met her in 2018.
Fast forward to now, my biological mother and I have created a strong foundation of family. MIRACLE! Including her eight survivng siblings (my aunts and uncles, there were 11 but three have passed,) And with love, my (adoptive) family has accepted me and been very supportive. (Last month I got to visit Billy’s and my grandparents graves with her in Gallup, NM.)
Last January, she was here in Albuquerque visiting me. It was the end of our visit and we were just having a quiet night together, watching TV, etc. As she was looking at her phone, her feet went out from under her, and her whole body kind of shook. I asked her what was going on, and she said she had just read that Billy Joel was coming in concert to Denver. She lives in Denver. Not far from Coors Field. This was a miracle. We shrieked in joy and excitement. We danced, we jumped! We lost our minds!!!
Understand, I have always ALWAYS dreamed of seeing you in concert. My biological mother has seen you twice, before we met. Lucky her! This August will be her 3rd time, my first. It’s a bucket list thing for me. (Which is ridic, I’m only 47!) I got married in 1993, and my spouse always promised me he’d get me tickets to Billy Joel. But he never did, even when you came to town, and I decided I would have to take matters into my own hands after we divorced in 2015. But once I saw you having a residency at Madison Square Garden, I assumed you would never tour outside of New York, so I resigned myself to never seeing you live. It was hard to accept that, but I’m that kind of person: what is is what is, and you just accept it. I couldn’t imagine being able to fly to New York to see you (financial issues) anytime soon.
So in January, when my Stepha-mom (her name is Stephanie, I call her Stepha-mom) read that you were coming to Denver, I grabbed at the chance! I am a humble realtor still paying off divorce debt, so I could only afford 3 $150 tickets, but I hunkered down at my computer the day tickets went on sale, and managed to get 3! One for Stepha-mom, one for me, and one for my courageous boyfriend who bought me the ancestry dna kit that allowed me to find Stephanie in the first place. (Don’t worry: it’s okay with my Mom. She (Susan) loves you, but not like WE LOVE YOU). Which is a crazy, irrational, passionate, lifelong love. (in the late 80s, my high school friends didn’t understand why I was so in love with YOU, not the backstreet boys or NSYNC, etc.)
So, Mr. Joel, I want to thank you SO MUCH for coming to Denver. It would never be possible for me to see you otherwise, and for me and my Stepha-mom, this is a MIRACLE!!! And I can’t wait. I’ve been watching you tube videos of you for weeks, and listening to you in my car. Concert warm-up!!!
But truly, August 8th will be a MIRACLE for us! I can’t even imagine how wonderful it is going to be. No pressure, right??? Just know we’ll be out there, listening and loving and singing with you. All our best to you, sir. And thank you SO MUCH for coming to Denver!!!! Love, light and peace!


Kindest regards,
Lisa, Stepha-mom, and my boyfriend Mike. We’ll see you there, love!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!!
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