We're coming to 8/28th @ MSG concert for 60th b-day - he had dinner with BJ on his many years ago...


Greetings! I sent a "snail-mail" letter to Mr. Joel in late May 2019 (via Maritime Music in Oyster Bay - is this valid?), and am now following up.

On his 60th birthday, I am taking my beau of 5 years to see Billy Joel at MSG on August 28th. My guy, Keith Miller, worked in radio in Salem, Oregon in the early 1980s and met Mr. Joel on a few occasions when he performed at Portland's Memorial Coliseum. In the letter I sent, I had enclosed a picture of a collage that Keith has of his Billy Joel memoralbilia including pictures of the two of them together.

On Keith's first meeting with Mr. Joel (1982?), Mr. Joel invited Keith to stay for a beer after the other post-show folks had left. Mr. Joel may recall that Keith had told him that he'd been searching for the Attila album for 13 years, to which Mr. Joel responded, "I have been running from that album for 13 years!" Keith also attended a pre-performance dinner with a larger group on Mr. Joel's birthday (1984 or '86?), and evidently met him on another occasion or two when Mr. Joel came back to Portland. Keith speaks often of his radio days, and meeting Mr. Joel was absolutely one of the highlights of his radio career. Keith went on to realize his dream of owning a radio station in the 1990s in Newport, Oregon.

As you can imagine, pulling off a surprise cross-country trip to see a concert is next to impossible, so I obviously had to let Keith in on my plan for our adventure. He is so incredibly excited that he is telling almost everyone he meets about our upcoming trip and how I have planned this for him. But I would so love to add to this day for him with a special surprise.

My humble request is this: is there any way that it could be arranged for Keith to see Mr. Joel for just a couple of minutes, even just to shake his hand? And if this is not possible, maybe a shout-out from the stage? I know this is a lot to ask, but my dad taught me that "if we don't ask then the answer is always No." Keith is truly one of the best men I have ever met, and giving him the gift of this memory would be everything!

I thank you so much for your consideration. I would very much appreciate a response either way, and completely understand if this request is not possible. But I sure hope it is.....

With Respect and Gratitude,

Laurie Edwards
Eugene, OR

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