BILLY'S ASSISTANT--please read!

Billy's music is basically the soundtrack of my life. Growing up in the '70s and '80s (and being a melancholy singer/pianist myself), your songs always seemed to tap into my volatile emotions and strike a chord (pardon the pun) in my heart.

My lifelong best friend, Melanie, and I were trying to figure out the best way to celebrate our 60th birthdays in June of this year. We decided it was to come see Billy at Madison Square Garden in September. We couldn't swing front-row seats, but even with our cataracts, we're going to be just fine-- with the assistance of the jumbotron, that is--in Sec 202, Row 6, Seats 6 - 7.

Melanie and I met in first grade and, through the years, we were in and out of school together, We came back together in high school, where our friendship was sealed in blood. We went separate directions for college but never lost touch, even as we moved our families all over the Southeast. Though the highs and lows of life--through marriages and deaths and divorce and children and heartbreak and joy--we've remained closer than biological sisters. We've shared things that no one will ever understand. We're sisters for life.

I am writing to ask you a favor. Is there any way Billy could help me surprise Melanie by giving us a birthday shout-out on September 27, just to basically make our lives complete? There won't be two other women in The Garden that night that love Billy more than we do--guaranteed--and certainly none that love each other more. We'll be able to die happy if you do this.

Thanks for considering my request, and thanks to Billy for making music that captures our hearts. We are counting the days until September 27!

With gratitude,

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