Daughters Wedding

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Hello and good morning,
This is a real long shot, so here goes... My daughter is getting married Saturday July 13th in Mystic, Connecticut. The Father(me) daughter first dance is to: Lullabye (Goodnight my angel). We have gone to Arthur Murray to come up with a nice dance for Mr. Joel’s special song.

I read that Mr. Joel is a busy man with touring and with his long run at Madison Square Garden, it most likely doesn’t leave him with much down time.

We don’t have a story, we are all healthy, not wealthy and I was brought up listening to Billy Joel
Albums. I will be 59 on July 19th, in turn, my daughter is a fan as well.

So, with the above said; is there anyway possible for Mr. Joel to be in contact with my daughter Emily?
Either thru an email, phone call or how cool would be to have him show up if he felt like a drive to Mystic (it’s a beautiful sea town) I know I’m asking for too much, but sometimes artists like doing stuff out of the ordinary! We would welcome Mr. Joel as our special guest, not as a performer.

If at all possible… the information is below:
July 13, 2019 6pm
Service and reception at: https://www.mysticseaport.org/locations/latitude41

My email is: [email protected]

Thank you very much for reading my post

JDR (Father of the bride)
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