How to contact Billy or his agent

My family have been HUGE Billy Joel fans for over 40 years starting with my grandparents. When I’m say huge I mean its all we listen to haha. We are seeing him in London next week I was wondering if anyone knows who to contact to ask for the long shot of meeting him. My mum would be the happiest lady in the world.


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    It would have been my Dad's 70th birthday on 24June..he was a huge fan and my brother and I became huge fans. We are excited to be coming to Wembley on 22 June to see Billy and celebrate my Dad's memory. Any dedication to any song for Tommy McAllister would be amazing thank you. From Cara and Tony
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    Any chance of a shout out tonight please. We are coming to Wembley tonight. Can’t wait! My husbands lovely youngest daughter is just a few days away from giving birth to her first child but is fulfilling her lifetime dream of hearing Billy live. After some difficult times she is finally settled and happy. It would mean so much for her to have a mention tonight. Here’s hoping 🤞🤞
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    Ha ha! Her name would help! So excited 😆Joanna Smith is her name 👍
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    So excited! Tommy McAllister my amazing Dad that introduced me to Billy in the 80s, took me to River of Dreams tour in Glasgow and we saw him again in Manchester a few years ago. Sadly he died suddenly.. and my brother and I are celebrating what would have been his 70th b'day celebration this weekend. I know he'll be listening😎any mention would mean the world to us. Thank you and hope everyone has a fabulous night XX
  • Hiii :)))
    I'm a girl from South Africa, 17 years old and I can only say that I am a die-hard fan of Billy Joel's and have loved his music and his soul and talent since I first heard him as a child :smiley:
    I myself am a big rock 'n roll enthusiast with a passion and pure love for playing piano and have been doing so since before I could walk :wink:
    My point for writing is to desperately ask for a concert/tour location down here, in South Africa. Specifically Cape Town :blush: I'd never had the oppurtunity to go in the past as your last show was in 2006... and well... I was 4 years old. Gosh I love Billy Joel; I love his music, I love his lyrics and I love his journey. I can only hope for the best outcome in writing this. :heart:
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    It's always been a dream of mine to see Billy at MSG.
    I've seen him a couple of times in Sydney, Australia and he's been great, but....
    So in less than a month, on the 11th July it's coming true!!!
    My wife and I are flying in and painting NYC red for a very short time. We just bought some of the last tickets left.
    I'm not a great flyer, but I know the end result will be worth it.
    So pumped right now.

    See you in 2 weeks New York!
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    Dear Mr. Joel,

    I wanted to simply Thank You. My son has Autism. He never showed an interest in music or songs. He loves history. So when your song “we didn’t start the fire” came on the scene , my son came to life. He would sing and he would dance around my living room. More like jump around. He came out of his little world . But more importantly he finally had something in common with his typically developing peers. MUSIC. And-he just flourished from there.

    I listen to your music while cleaning the house, or doing laundry. My son started to sing along with “you”. It is now his goto on Alexa when he wants to sing. It is music to my ears when I hear him. I thank you for giving that to him and to me.

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    My husband (A lifelong Billy fan) and I are flying from Ireland to hear Billy in MSG on October 25th. Is it possible do you think to meet him at a soundcheck?
  • Dear Mr Joel &or management or anyone.
    My name is Eva pepper and My baby sister Melissa Pepper she is getting married to a man who buys her flowers weekly. They have this thing that the first one home has to be the first one to go to the other and welcome them home, it’s so cute it’s almost sickening LOL.
    Now to get to my point I have COPD and am very sick and I would love to do one last special thing for her as I have been thinking and racking my brain and then all of a sudden I thought of you and how the first song she learned the words to was your song. What is more fitting for me at my end to give her at her beginning and her marriage the greatest gift a person can ever give their baby sister who means the world to them a wonderful gift of you singing to her on her wedding day. She and our cousins have traveled all over to see you even from Baton Rouge La where she lives to NEW YORK. They all took a plain to go see you but my sickness want allow me to travel so I missed it. You can’t imagine all the certain dances to all your songs they have and have been doing it so long they never miss a beat. I truly believe in my HEART OF HEARTS you yourself would enjoy my family as much as they do you and it would be as unforgettable to you as to them.
    I can only hope someone will get this and get it to you so I can do this last major thing for the person who means the most in my life my baby sister Melissa Pepper. The event is Nov 1st 2019 and I can give all info. I can have a police escort and all you’ll need. Please please please have someone contact me. This is my last request from me to you for my sweet sister. You can contact me at [email protected]
    Please help me in anyway possible to make the best day of her life become the GREATEST day of her and my whole family’s life cause we all love you and your songs it would be a blessing to have you in anyway be part of this major event in our lives. Thank you for taking the time to read this whoever you may be and my you be blessed forever.
    EVA PEPPER !!!!!!!
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    Hello Mr. Joel. Thank you for providing countless hours of entertainment for many years. My wife and I are currently staying a half block away from Madison Square Garden at the American Cancer Society's Hope Lodge NYC. We are unable to attend the 8/22 show due to health issues. IF your schedule happens to allow a brief stop at the Hope Lodge, there are at least two people here who would love to meet you.

    Thank you again for all you do.
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